Graffiti.[BROOKLYN, NY] On April 7th, 2013, the Brooklyn Tea Party (TBTP) held their first Constitutional Convention. President Frank Russo states that, ‘Unfortunately, since the 2012 Presidential Election results, there’s been a lot of discontent out there…so we’ve decided that the TBTP has to examine itself first. So we’ve concluded that we should begin to re-build this organization from the bottom up! And it all starts with the Constitution!’ This was further supported by Former Presidents: John Press & Joseph Hayon. And hardworking Officials, Marty Levine & Cartrell Gore also concurred with the establishment of this Convention, ‘The Brooklyn Tea Party needs to re-focus itself…and ask the question, why do we meet every month?’ So Russo went on to say, ‘We will proceed with this Constitution process…in a very democratic manner—a Final Vote and each Brooklyn Tea Party Member will sign the Final Draft!…Then, we can begin to put together an agenda…’The Brooklyn Tea Party was founded and organized by John Press, who served as the president and leader. Additionally, the second President of the Brooklyn Tea Party was Joseph Hayon. Incidentally, John led the Brooklyn Tea Party from its inception until February 2011. The enthusiasm of the members, a full-spectrum of local residents, is what makes the Brooklyn Tea Party what it is. John helped to provide all of us members with the opportunity to participate fully and express ourselves. We share common goals of returning the Country to its roots and reigning in uncontrolled growth, power and size of Government.