The Tea Party Speaks Out

ten Commandments

The Foundations of Right and Wrong

The Brooklyn Tea Party issues a resolution to support the decisions by states, countries and governments around the world that disallow the practice of the gay lifestyle and agenda. At the same time we take to task the American government and those among the American people who support the gay agenda.

Governments can make wrong things legal, but not right in God’s eyes. A majority vote doesn’t make it right in God’s eyes. The Brooklyn Tea Party is speaking out and is not remaining silent. By doing so we strive to keep our sense of right and wrong intact. We call on all individuals to follow the promptings of their conscience and let governments, activist groups and media outlets know that they cannot make wrong into right no matter what, no matter when.

Nazis and communists declared war on God and the Bible. The Bible states “Do not lie with a man the way one does with woman, it is an abomination”. The ten commandments include: “Do not murder“.  The Nazis made it legal to murder Jews, and communists made it illegal to worship God. Governments can make wrong things legal, but not right in God’s eyes.


Mark Levin, with his publisher’s permission, has made available for free on his website the first chapter of his bestseller Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.


“Mark Reed Levin (born September 21, 1957) is an American lawyer, author, and the host of American syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show. Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese. He is president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, has authored five books and contributes commentary to various media outlets such as National Review Online.”

Why the Boston massacre?


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A quick look at at Google news headlines caught my attention shortly after the Boston massacre. I clipped the following headlines. We need to protest not just the acts of war being perpetrated against defenseless citizens, but also the acts of war being perpetrated by left-wingers against our value system. A value system is based on God’s word and cannot be changed by the latest social trends.

“Like the practices in the land of  Egypt and the land of Canan do not do.”

The gay lifestyle is singled out as abominable, something God considers sinful. God provides consequences when human behavior is out of line, and this was meant to illustrate that pattern.

We must pray for for the victims and their families. We must also pray that gay rights activists see the mistake of their ways and repent.

Grassroots Fund to help local Tea Party groups

teapartypatriotsTea Party Patriots is starting a new Grassroots Fund to compete directly with Obama’s army of community organizers.

This fund will help local Tea Party groups close the gap ….

They want to provide grants directly to local Tea Party groups. They propose to help train Tea Party groups to use technology to build the grassroots.

They are trying to form new Tea Party organizations in every single community in America.

And then turn them loose on the politicians on Capitol Hill!

More info:



Taxpayer Action Seminar! Brooklyn, NY April 25


Taxpayer Action Seminar! It’s Time for Taxpayers to Take Action!

Americans for Prosperity (AFP)-New Jersey will be in Brooklyn, NY for a special Taxpayer Action Seminar on Thursday, April 25!

Just like in New Jersey, taxpayers across the river in New York City are suffering the consequences of rampant Big Government, from high taxes, to runaway spending and debt, to crippling regulations! The time has come to roll back the Big Government menace in the Big Apple!

Join AFP at this special Taxpayer Action Seminar and learn what you can do to restore prosperity in New York!

Where Salty Dog Restaurant Bar & Grill 7509 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209

When April 25, 2013 6:00 pm

For more information about our Taxpayer Action Seminars, please call our office at 201-487-8844.


Graffiti.[BROOKLYN, NY] On April 7th, 2013, the Brooklyn Tea Party (TBTP) held their first Constitutional Convention. President Frank Russo states that, ‘Unfortunately, since the 2012 Presidential Election results, there’s been a lot of discontent out there…so we’ve decided that the TBTP has to examine itself first. So we’ve concluded that we should begin to re-build this organization from the bottom up! And it all starts with the Constitution!’ This was further supported by Former Presidents: John Press & Joseph Hayon. And hardworking Officials, Marty Levine & Cartrell Gore also concurred with the establishment of this Convention, ‘The Brooklyn Tea Party needs to re-focus itself…and ask the question, why do we meet every month?’ So Russo went on to say, ‘We will proceed with this Constitution process…in a very democratic manner—a Final Vote and each Brooklyn Tea Party Member will sign the Final Draft!…Then, we can begin to put together an agenda…’The Brooklyn Tea Party was founded and organized by John Press, who served as the president and leader. Additionally, the second President of the Brooklyn Tea Party was Joseph Hayon. Incidentally, John led the Brooklyn Tea Party from its inception until February 2011. The enthusiasm of the members, a full-spectrum of local residents, is what makes the Brooklyn Tea Party what it is. John helped to provide all of us members with the opportunity to participate fully and express ourselves. We share common goals of returning the Country to its roots and reigning in uncontrolled growth, power and size of Government.


Joseph Hayon Welcomes Frank Russo our new President!

Dear Tea Party Members,

During today’s meeting, I resigned as your leader of the Brooklyn Tea Party. During my term as president, we helped get two candidates (Congressman Bob Turner and Senator David Storobin) elected into office — only to have no-principled Dean Skelos terminate, passively and aggressively, the districts they represented.

When I was approached by our first president, John Press, I was shocked that I was even offered the honor to lead this principled group. I was the only candidate asking for Tea Party support to refuse to take the Brooklyn Tea Party pledge of 2010, and just a few months later I was president by a unanimous vote of the same group.

From day one, the group understood that I was not 100% Tea Party. Realizing in 2011 that there was no one else qualified that wanted to lead the Brooklyn Tea Party, I agreed to lead on a temporary basis — until someone else came along.

While I completely value the Tea Party’s general position against wasted spending, to lower our taxes, and to root out government corruption, sometimes some of the Tea Party values contradict with the family values I hold dear — religious freedom, traditional marriage, etc. When a candidate such as Eric Salgado comes along, who is completely against the Tea Party on the issue of immigration because of his family values, I will support him over Joe Lhota (Lhota is no where close as a Tea Party candidate. He raised the bridge tolls as MTA chairman).

I served as Brooklyn Tea Party president because the group is filled with genuine and honest individuals, who were duped by the Republicans and Dermocrats in Albany and Washington. The Brooklyn Tea Party needs to exist because it is one of the few groups in Brooklyn to maintain integrity.

I explained to those who attended today’s meeting that my role as president was to ensure its survival. I acted as a trustee. Your new president, Frank Russo, is completely Tea Party on the issues, has great work ethics, and has the integrity I was looking for in our next leader. He was voted in unanimously to be our next leader.

Thank you all for the support you gave me. Sincerely, Joseph Hayon

November 18th meeting

Sunday November 18th the Brooklyn Tea Party got together for a meeting. We discussed and decided the agenda for the months and weeks ahead. We will be focusing efforts in Brooklyn and engage in active recruiting. We plan to begin a Youtube channel. A follow-up meeting is planned for December 2nd.

As requested we are posting these phone snapshots.



Jesse Marx, a journalist at Columbia covered the meeting, taking notes.